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Fast Food Mail

Date: 23 Mar. 2006

The Postal Service is not perfect, but until they invent a matter transporter like they have in Star Trek . . . it's about the only way to ship merchandise out. In any case, the Postal Service or one of its close cousins is still needed to ship merchandise to the Buyer.

However, sometimes the package gets lost in the mail or even damaged and the customer gets mad. This is why the Postal Service offers insurance and any respectable Dealer should offer Postal Insurance as an option to their customers. Even though the dealer cannot twist the buyers arm and insurance is an additional cost that for the most part will never be needed, just remember, you never really know.

Another aspect to consider when using a shipping service is sometimes it will take longer than the usual 3-5 days for payment or merchandise to reach its location. For one reason or another it would seem that certain locations take longer than others for the mail to reach its destination. This rule would also seem to change depending on where the person lives. Mail between Wichita, Ks. and Denver, Co. takes around two weeks, but someone living in New York might be able to send something to Denver in 3 or 5 days. The Postal Service is just whacked that way.

Perhaps, when armed with this information, both Dealers and Buyers can be a little more patient and give the benefit of doubt even in the midst of our push-button, need-it-now society. Most of us are honest and complete our end of the obligations we commit ourselves too. So the next time it seems to be taking longer than you think it should, ask the Dealer or Buyer in a courteous, professional manner when they sent the payment or merchandise off and then wait for it to arrive. Of course, this is not to suggest you wait 15 years for the payment or merchandise to find its way into your mailbox . . . but that's another story.


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