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      The alliance pipe industry was put into production in 2003. Now it is located in the beautiful dawanling Industrial Park of jingpuxiang, Ningxiang city. It has convenient transportation. It is a professional plastic pipe manufacturer with mature and rich R & D and production experience, reliable quality and product sales all over the country.

      As a modern high-tech enterprise, union pipe industry produces various types of PVC-U water supply pipe, drainage pipe, power pipe, PVC electrical line pipe, double wall corrugated pipe, PE water supply pipe, PE pipe jacking, MPP drag pipe and other products.

      We always adhere to the business philosophy of "taking product quality as our life, innovation and development as our driving force, and customer satisfaction as our goal", and strive to make contributions to improving and improving the living environment and quality of people in China and the world through promoting the development of plastics and related fields. "Revitalizing the industry of the Chinese nation and creating the first-class enterprise in the world" is the direction for all the staff of the alliance management industry to strive for.

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