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    Production process of PVC water supply pipe fitting production line

    2019-12-28 16:17:28

      Production process of PVC water supply pipe fitting production line PVC pipe production line mainly uses PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as the main raw material to produce various PVC pipes.PVC is a thermoplastic resin polymerized by polyethylene (PE) under the action of initiator. It is the homogenization of polyethylene and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, fire resistance and heat resistance. Therefore, PVC pipe (UPVC hard PVC pipe) is widely used in the fields of water supply pipe, water pipe and drainage pipe, cable protection pipe, etc.As one of the most common plastic pipe equipment, PVC pipe equipment is mainly composed of extruder, extruder head mould, vacuum sizing box, tractor, mixer, cutter, etc. the production process steps are as follows: 1. Raw material preparation (PVC + auxiliary agent) 2. Mixing and conveying feeding of mixer 3. Forced feeding 4. Conical twin screw extruder 5. Extrusion die 6. Sizing sleeve 7. SprayDrenching vacuum setting box 8. Soaking cooling water tank 9. Ink printer (optional as required) 10. Crawler tractor 11. Knife lifting cutting machine 12. Pipe stacking frame 13. Finished product inspection and packaging

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