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    Production and application status and development trend of PVC pipe

    2019-12-28 16:17:53

      Among many PVC products, rigid PVC pipes and fittings are growing rapidly in China

      It is the largest consumption of all kinds of plastic pipes.The promotion of PVC pipes in China in recent years

      With the support of relevant national policies, the production and application of PVC pipes have made great progress,

      PVC pipe production has accounted for more than 50% of the total production of plastic pipe, which is widely used in industry, construction

      Agriculture and many other industries.

      ?1 Development of PVC pipe

      ?1.1 Advantages of PVC pipe

      ?In the production of general resin, PVC resin has the lowest ethylene consumption and production cost.

      The consumption of ethylene per ton of PVC produced in China is 0.5314 tons, while the average consumption of ethylene per ton of polyethylene is 1.042

      The ethylene consumption per ton of PVC resin in China is about 50% less than that of polyethylene.For PVC production

      The raw material chlorine gas is an important way to balance the production of caustic soda and produce chlorine gas. Caustic soda is necessary for the national economy

      Very important raw materials available.In addition, from the perspective of plastic products, PVC is compatible with various additives

      Well, a large number of low-cost fillers can be added in the production of pipes, which greatly reduces the production cost.

      ?  Compared with metal pipes, PVC pipes produce PVC per cubic meter and steel per cubic meter

      According to aluminum calculation, the energy consumption of steel is 316kj / m3, aluminum is 619kj / m3, and PVC is

      70kj / m3, that is, the energy consumption of steel is 4.5 times that of PVC, and that of aluminum is 8.8 times that of PVC.But live

      The processing energy consumption of PVC pipe is only one third of that of the same caliber metal pipe.At the same time, due to PVC pipe

      The utility model has smooth wall, no corrosive tumor, high water delivery efficiency, and can save about 20% electricity when used for infusion.

      ?  PVC pipe has good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. During the use process

      The utility model has the advantages of light weight, convenient installation and no need of maintenance, while the utility model uses steel as the sewer pipe of the utility

      In the process of using, because it is easy to corrode, the coating must be applied frequently and the maintenance cost is high.General building and public use

      The metal pipes for engineering need to be replaced in about 20 years, while PVC pipes with good processing function are used

      Focus on the next generation, for children


    Production and application status and development trend of PVC pipe(圖1)

      There is no end to learning

      Life span up to 50 years.Therefore, PVC pipe is a kind of low production cost, high strength, corrosion-resistant

      Good plastic products.

      ?Generally speaking, PVC pipes are better than cast iron pipes in terms of sewage, waste water and ventilation pipes

      About 16-37% of the installation and labor costs are saved, and the cost of making conductor pipe is less than that of using metal conductor sleeve

      30-33%; while PVC pipes are of the same size in hot and cold water

      The cost saving of copper pipe is 23-44%.Therefore, due to the advantages of PVC pipes, all countries are actively developing

      Exhibition and promotion of PVC pipes.

      ?1.2 Production and consumption of PVC pipes

      ?Since 1980s, China has successively introduced thousands of PVC pipe extrusion production lines of different models

      There are large pipe manufacturers like Dalian Shide, Zhejiang Yonggao and Shanghai Tangchen.order

      Before that, there were more than 600 UPVC (rigid PVC) pipe and pipe fittings factories in China, with total production capacity

      110 There are more than 30 manufacturers with a production scale of more than 10000 tons / year and a production scale of more than 10000 tons / year

      0.5-1 There are more than 60 manufacturers of 10000 tons / year, and the production equipment of UPVC pipes and pipe fittings is basically realized


      ?In China, PVC pipe is developed earlier than PE pipe and PP pipe, with many varieties, excellent performance and application

      It is broad and plays an important role in the market.By the end of 1999, there were about 2000 plastic pipe production lines in China

      Among them, the imported equipment accounts for about 15%.In 1999, the production capacity of various plastic pipes in China exceeded

      165 Ten thousand tons / year, the actual output is about one million tons, of which UPVC pipes account for more than 50%.

      ?In recent years, among the market applications of PVC in the world, the market of building materials is the largest, with an increase

      The fastest.In recent years, building materials products in the United States have accounted for 60% of the total products, while those in Western Europe are

      62%, 50% in Japan, and less than 30% in China. There is a lot of room for growth.In building materials products,

      They are mainly made of pipes and profiles, including building water pipes, agricultural irrigation pipes and gas transmission pipes,

      Crude oil pipeline, etc.

      ?During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, the production and application of UPVC pipes in China began to develop rapidly,

      It mainly benefits from the government's strong support and the society's understanding of UPVC pipes.Plastic pipe in China at present

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