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Cody Esau-Rutherford
Acting Resume Online Profile

Acting Resume - Cody Esau-Rutherford

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Cody Esau-Rutherford

Hair: Brown Weight: 85  
Eyes: Hazel / Grey Blue Height: 4'9"  
  Age: 13  

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Stage Theatre




Stage Theatre Productions - Tragedy and Comedy

"Willy Wonka"
Director: Matt A. May
Music Director: Tony Harshbarger
Feb. 2011
  as Cooks & Oompa Loompas

WSR Signature Theatre
"Treasure Island"
by Buckner Performing Arts
Presents 5th Grade Classes
Feb. 2011
  as Jamie
(Mrs. Venable's Class)

Buckner Creative Arts Magnet
"Celebrate! A Patriotic Christmas"
Director/Choreographer: Joshua Larson
Music Director: Amy Quinn
Producer/Artistic Director: Deb Campbell
Dec. 2010
  as Silver Cast

WSR Signature Theatre
by William Shakespeare (Edited by Mark Shuster)
Sept. 2010
  as Fleance, Banquo's Son

Wichita Shakespeare Company
"Encyclopedia Extraordinaire"
by Buckner Performing Arts
Presents 3rd Grade Classes
Dec. 2008
  as Musical Ensemble
(Mrs. Hogan's Class)

Buckner Creative Arts Magnet
"A Holiday Happenin"
by Buckner Performing Arts
Presents 1st Grade Classes
Dec. 2006
  as Musical Ensemble
(Mrs. Clark's Class)

Buckner Creative Arts Magnet


Education and Experience

Buckner Creative Arts Magnet (Wichita, KS)

  2005 - 2011

The Observation & Experience of Life

  Birth - Current



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