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Spiderman 2 Movie Review - World According to Robert

Spiderman 2

Boxoffice Release: July 2, 2004
Official Site
Directed by: Sam Raimi

If there was ever a more worthy sequel to a single movie this one would certain take the cake. With cliffhanger special effects dazzling the big screen and outstanding acting performances by the cast, it is no wonder why Spider-Man continues to attract a wide variety of audiences from child to adult. After all, this superhero truly embodies the fundamental roots of family values and at the same time generating an aura that the average joe can relate with.

Peter Parker / Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) has finally succumbed to being an average New Yorker after his grades begin to drop, family and friends start turning away, and a universal lack of appreciation in the superhero department from the general public. To boot, Peterís spectacular spidey powers are beginning to fail at an increasingly disturbing rate, causing him to repeatedly become one with the pavement. So, hanging his tights up to settle for the ordinary life (literally on the wall of J. Jonah Jameson), the city has once again become a haven for crime and discord.

Enter Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina), an ambitious self-driven man marred with scientific genius. After his accident during the demonstration of his invention to harness the energy of the sun by fusion of a rare metal, the inhibitor chip meant to keep the artificially intelligent robotic tentacles from interacting with his higher brain functions fails. Oh, and the tentacles fuse to his body and spinal column as if the other wasnít already a recipe for disaster and mayhem. The tabloids soon dub Octavius as ďDoc OckĒ and it does not take Harry Osborne (James Franco) long to strike a deal with Doctor Octopus to catch Spider-Man and deliver him alive to Harry in exchange for more of the rare metal.

Only one disappointing factor lingered at the end of the film, why would they kill off Doctor Octopus? The reminiscence of Batman plot scenarios flooded in, leaving behind a bad taste. If they keep killing off the main villains, who will Spider-Man fight? Who will the fans have to look forward to seeing a return cameo from? Then the light bulb blinked overhead in a fizzling manner, maybe he did not die. After all, there was no floating corpse washing up on shore, no body bags being zipped up. Could it be the director did this on purpose to draw speculation from both sides of the battle and heating up the old flames of controversy.

Although the next movie is a little ways away, the fan anticipated hypothesis for the next villain(s) seem to range from Green Goblin 2, Black Cat, Lizard, Vulture, Man-Wolf, Venom, Carnage, and even the Hob Goblin. Perhaps even a cross-over between 20th Century Fox and Columbia Tri Star with the King Pin or Daredevil . . . assuming the two companies would actually get along and share like big boys should. Let face it, this is not impossible. If two separate comic book companies can collaborate a storyline (DC and Image), surely these two behemoths can do the same and not fight over the rights that actually belong to Marvel Comics! The two companies might even be able to squeeze out a few more movies . . . maybe even a television series. Hmmm, maybe not. Just donít hold your breath for a Blade and Spidey cross-over. Most people probably donít even realize Blade had his own comic book and appeared in Spider-Man comics.

Not only is this movie worth seeing on the big screen, it is more than a bargain when it comes out on DVD. Skip the rental and go straight for purchase. Even if you donít like Tobey Maguire, but donít take my word for it.

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