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Diversity in Thought
© 2000 Robert Esau-Rutherford

Written: 1 Sept. 2000

Diversity (which exists within the Religious factions, that being denominational faith) breeds indifference of opinion. When indifference is mentioned, it is the opinion that does not care . . . not the individuals who might believe that opinion. People have diversity of opinion and that equals the "I don't care about your opinion or any opinion other than my own" syndrome. Opinion (being at the core of individualism) leads to loosely knitted or slightly structured belief patterns. These opinions also change with time and sometimes the individual will change their models of belief (as in Carl Sagan). With the ever-expanding horizon of human evolution and growing technological advancements, we are seemingly faced with the same expansion of conflict. Conflict of opinion and belief could diversify into sub-groups of the same concept. This would probably cause even more confusion within the issues themselves. The conflict of violence over these differences of opinion and belief as in prohibition, religion, prostitution, pro-life vs. pro-choice, etc . . ..

Do you believe in God? Do you believe in my God? Do you think Euthanasia is right or wrong? Where are the gray and acceptable areas of belief? Should babies be aborted? What if the woman were raped...what then? Is your religion (or denomination) the one and only truth? These are simplistic questions to ask, but I would wager the answers to these questions would be diversified with complexity (even to the members of only one particular group), to the point of individual indifference. I say, "A". He says, "B". She says, "C". The list goes on indefinitely. I might say abortion is wrong and all that practice such medicine should be locked away without parole and the women should never be allowed to bear children again. Did this leave a bad taste in anyone's did mine! I do think abortion is wrong, however I do not have the right to force my opinion onto someone who is making their own life altering decision. I also believe there are extenuating circumstances. For example, if the child is definitely going to be born with a severe handicap or the woman is raped. I also believe in the possibility of adoption, but without prejudice against those not willing to consider this option. Some people who have read this agree and some do not. Those who agree probably even added their own thoughts to the subject and thus I may not agree with those new concepts. Now we have created a social indifference without resolution to the problem causing conflict.

Face it folks . . . we are a violent, self-indulged, clan of primitive apes lurching around in the dark, at best, hoping to find the light switch that turns on the comprehension to our social edifications. And no single answer will be possible to serve as the utopia of resolutions in any Human debate.


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